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Founded in July 2018, Klahaan is an independent organisation that builds evidence, organises and campaigns on issues that affect women in Cambodia. Klahaan, meaning ‘brave’ in Khmer, aims to provide a platform for women to speak up and demand change, be it from decision makers, business leaders, the media or society as a whole.


Our actions are guided by intersectional feminist principles and inspired by our desire to see women-led activism bring us closer to a fair and equal future for women.

Our Vision

A fair, just and equal society in which Cambodian women of all backgrounds can equally enjoy fundamental rights and opportunities, especially sexual autonomy and control over their bodies.

Our Mission

Klahaan believes in the power of collective action to advocate for progress on women's roles and rights in Cambodia.

We aim to humbly but purposefully strengthen the women’s rights movement in Cambodia by undertaking evidence gathering and co-creating joint actions, so that more women can take strategic actions in critical moments.

Be Brave Like a Girl

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